Sam Dowling

Meet Jager Stands Ambassador Sam Dowling.

Sam is a 34yr old singer/guitarist from Helensburgh, Sydney and has been performing on stage since he was 13. His love of guitar has forged an interesting career so far and lead him to fall in love with country music after discovering Keith Urban at 15. He now plays full time for Hayley Jensen (The Voice / Australian Idol) and Ben Ransom in the Australian country music scene. He also lends his talents to the ‘Superstars Of Country’ Touring show with Hayley Jensen and Jason Owen (X-Factor).

When he’s not playing  solo gigs in his regular venues around Sydney you can find him on stage playing lead guitar and BV’s for the “Bryan Adams / Keith Urban Tribute Show Australia”.

Sam has a very eclectic taste in music. Born and raised on the classics like Metallica / Bon Jovi / Guns’n’Roses, he gets his rock and shred style from the greats. His slow melodic blues lines are inspired from such legends like Eric Claptom, B.B King and Stevie Ray Vaughan where the pentatonic is strong.

Sam is excited to be a part of the Jager Family and we’re so pumped to have him part of it as well.

Follow Sam on Instagram @sjdmusic

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